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IASCL series 'Trends in Language Acquisition Research' (TiLAR)

Annick De Houwer and Steven Gillis were the TiLAR volume editors for volumes 1 through 6 in the TiLAR series. They were the General Editors on behalf of the IASCL from 1999 until 2008, and stepped down as editors at the IASCL conference in Edinburgh (July 2008).

All the books published in TiLAR are available from the publisher, John Benjamins ( at a 30% discount price for IASCL members. IASCL members should contact the publisher at: and make themselves known as an IASCL member eligible for the special discount.

The TiLAR series continues in a somewhat different format under the new editorship of Shanley Allen and Caroline Rowland.

Annick and Steven thank the IASCL and the TiLAR editorial board for their support and wish the new editors all the best of luck.

New Series Editors for TiLAR

John Benjamins Publishing is pleased to announce that Shanley E. M. Allen (Boston University) and Caroline F. Rowland (University of Liverpool) have agreed to become the new series editors for Trends in Language Acquisition Research (TiLAR).

Shanley Allen (PhD, McGill University) is an Associate Professor in the School of Education at Boston University, USA. Her research focuses on how the morphosyntactic structure of a language affects the patterns of development in that language. She is best known for her work on the acquisition of Inuktitut (Eskimo) as well as the acquisition of argument structure and argument realization. She has published numerous articles and chapters on language acquisition, and has served for several years as Associate Editor of the Journal of Child Language.

Caroline Rowland (PhD, University of Nottingham) is a senior lecturer in the School of Psychology at the University of Liverpool, UK. Her research focuses on the question of how children acquire their first language, with the aim of developing and testing constructivist models of the language acquisition process. She is best known for her work on English children's acquisition of questions and auxiliaries and she has written, edited and contributed to a number of books and journals on first language acquisition.

TiLAR publishes monographs, edited volumes and text books on theoretical and methodological issues in the field of child language research. The focus of the series is on original research on all aspects of the scientific study of language behavior in children, linking different areas of research including linguistics, psychology & cognitive science.

The editors welcome proposals for thematic collections and monographs, focusing on work with a constructivist/non-generativist slant. TiLAR wants to publish sound empirical work (including research monographs based on PhD theses of an excellent standard) and to encourage debates and discussions.

Shanley Allen and Caroline Rowland will be assisted by an editorial board consisting of:

Ruth Berman, Tel Aviv University
Morten Christiansen, Cornell University
Jean Berko Gleason, Boston University
Nancy Budwig, Clark University
Ewa Dabrowska, University of Sheffield
Philip S. Dale, University of New Mexico
Paul Fletcher, University College Cork
Steven Gillis, University of Antwerp
Annick De Houwer, University of Erfurt
Elena Lieven, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig
Brian MacWhinney, Carnegie Mellon University
Marilyn Vihman, University of York

For book proposals please contact one of the series editors: Shanley Allen, Caroline Rowland, or the publisher.

Information on the TiLAR series can be found here: