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If you attended the IASCL conference in Lyon 2017, you will remain a member of IASCL until the first day of the 2020 congress. If, however, you did not attend the last conference, have not since renewed your membership, and would like to be a registered member for the period from 2017-2020, you can do so now via this site. Current membership fees are £55 for regular members, and £30 for students. Members are eligible for a substantial discount for volumes 1-6 of TiLAR, and for a reduced subscription fee to the following journals: the Journal of Child Language, First Language, and the International Journal of Bilingualism. Your fees will contribute to the organization of future Congresses and they will be especially valuable in the provision of student travel bursaries.


Membership (£55 for regular members; or £30 for students*) is for three years, and expires on the first day of the next triennial Congress. Members in countries with nonconvertible currencies or currency transfer restrictions or other economic difficulties should request a waiver of the membership fee. Additional contributions/donations for the support of colleagues and program in countries with currency and/or economic difficulties are welcomed.

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So that we may record full details of your membership or donation, please complete the following form. By clicking the 'Proceed to payment' button below, you agree that - on payment of Regular or Student membership - your name, institution, city and country may be published to the Membership Directory on this website. If you would prefer not to publish this information, please complete your email address only. If you experience any difficulties with the completion of your subscription, please contact the Treasurer.

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*Students are asked to send proof of their status to the treasurer of IASCL at the address below, or by scanning and emailing proof of status to the Treasurer. Proof of student status: a letter on headed paper signed by authorised personnel from the Faculty, or a copy of a currently valid dated and signed student registration card or equivalent.

Dr Anna Theakston
IASCL Treasurer
Coupland Building 1
School of Psychological Sciences
University of Manchester
Oxford Road
Manchester M13 9PL